Quality Assurance

At BOHIQ, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and service. To ensure that every product meets our standards, we've implemented a quality assurance process to each product category which we detail bellow.

Leather Goods:

To ensure that every product meets our stringent standards, we have implemented a meticulous two-point quality assurance process for our imported leather goods.

Step 1: Initial Quality Control Post Manufacture

Our quality assurance process begins immediately after the manufacturing phase. We collaborate with a reputable third-party quality control service to conduct a thorough inspection of each product. This independent service provides a detailed report on the condition and quality of the goods, which is shared with both our team and our manufacturing partners. Only products that meet our criteria are approved for shipment to the United States.

Step 2: Quality Inspection in the United States

Upon arrival to our warehouse and workshop, our team undertakes a second and even more detailed quality assurance inspection. This comprehensive review ensures that every aspect of the product, from craftsmanship to finishing touches, is flawless. After passing this final inspection, the goods are repacked with care and prepared for shipment to either a fulillment center (Amazon) or straight to their final and permanent destination – our valued customers.

By implementing this two-point quality assurance process, we guarantee that our customers receive the best version of our leather goods.


Sustainable Swimwear:

The fabric used in our swimwear is OEKO-TEX 100 standard certified and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified. Our bikinis are cut and hand-sewn by an in-house team. We only print items once an order is placed, resulting in less excess inventory compared to conventional manufacturing. All cut & sew products are made using CPSIA certified inks. 

After Printing, a Quality Control Inspection is mandatory for all orders before packaging. If there's a delay due to a negative report we will inform our customer with an updated estimated delivery date.


Wayuu Crochet Bags:

Our ethnic bag collection is handmade by a single family of Wayuu Artisans who we've met and partnered with. Before shipment from Colombia to the U.S. our partners verify that each bag meets their weaving standard and tradition. 

Once in our warehouse/workshop in the U.S. our team undertakes a second and final inspection before packing and shipping out. These bags are handwoven and might not be 100% symetrical, we love that about them...and when a customer is not satisfied we happily process a friendly Return or Exchange through a 30 day window. 


Other Boutique Brands:

Eventhough we have no control over the manufacture process of other apparel brands that can be found in our shop. We extend whatever their return policy to ours.

Returns or Exchanges are accepted at BOHIQ for 30 days after the date of purchase.