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Bohiq (Bo-heek); Spanish: noun

Medicine man

A Bohiq is the healer, restorer and medicine man.  It is the oldest form of structured medicine from which all other ancient and modern Western medicine owe their fundamental principals.   We at Bohiq are medicine men.

Injuries Responded To
Rolls of Tape Used
Ice Bags Given Out

Why hire a Certified Athletic Trainer from Bohiq

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATs) must graduate with a bachelors or master’s degree from an accredited athletic training education program and pass a comprehensive exam administered by the Board of Certification. Bohiq requires all athletic trainers to submit proof of their state license, liability insurance and CPR/AED certification as part of the vetting process. 


Boohoo's Athletic Trainers taking care of an injured football player.

Certified ATs are trained in the following:

Approximately 25% of coaches, athletes and parents do nothing to prevent injury

Every 3 minutes a child is seen in the Emergency department for a sports-related concussion

On Average, there were an estimated 1.24 million ER visits for injuries related to commonly played sports in children 19 and under

Schools with proper medical teams that include an athletic trainer sustain a lower incidence of injury, acute and chronic

75 percent of young athletes show up to practice significantly dehydrated.

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