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Bohiq is a service platform that connects Certified Athletic Trainers with athletic events. Bohiq has created a one stop platform for events to hire athletic trainers. Bohiq handles everything from vetting the athletic trainers to payment processing to providing the athletic trainer with pertinent logistical information so they arrive when you need them.

Anthony Catoni
Anthony Catoni Founder & CEO
As an athletic trainer, Anthony Catoni, our Founder and CEO, found there was never an easy way to pick up additional contract work. The old way of picking up work was to communicate with people in your network to see if anything was available. If that did not work you would cold call or wait for an email from random events looking for an athletic trainer. This old method was self-limiting for both athletic trainers and events. We now had a problem to be solved, but we wanted to do more than just connect the two parties. So we did.

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